How To Identify A Scammer On A Millionaire Dating Site

dating scammerIf you intend to find a date online, then you need to read this article. Anyone can be a target and you don't have to be rich or famous. The only thing they need to get you is your desire to find love. Love is one of the major tool scammers capitalize on to waylay their victims. Once they have got you, then they have access to your bank account which is their primary objective. When you know how to spot a scammer on a millionaire dating site, the more protected you will be. The following are the signs that will let you know that the other person is a scammer;

Take note of their age

If the other person you are chatting with is younger than you, then tread carefully. Most times, their target is those people who are much older than them. Male scammers often target women who are between 50 and 60 years. They always believe that they would be richer and ideal targets.

Take a look at their profile

Save their picture

Do a photo check. Copy their profile picture and search theie images on Google. You might just be surprised that they copied the image from Google. When you notice such, kindly notify the Millionaire dating site and provide them with the link where they downloaded the image.

Check their image

Do a background check on the image you receive. If he says he is working in an office and he sends you images that don't gel with the kind of person you believe them to be. This would give you a clue as to who they are.

Look at the emails they send

They often send emails that are not consistent and they misspell their name and also your name. This mistake most times repeats itself. Also, look out for their command of English. Their stories are always inconsistent and they contradict themselves. They mention things that have no relation to the profile they are building.

Pay close attention when talking to them on phone

This is one of the best ways to know a scammer. Pay attention to their accent if it corresponds with a person from your country or the country they claim to be from. Ask them a question that would make it obvious you're trying to probe them. Trust your instincts. Take note that they may be using a phone number that doesn't match the area they claim to be calling from. When this happens there would be a lot of excuses.

Millionaire dating could be fun but be careful.

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