Love in the Time of Coronavirus: A New Normal for Millionaire Dating Apps Post-COVID-19

millionaire dating app in COVID-19Coronavirus has changed the world, and it often feels like life will never be the same. For single millionaires looking for serious relationships, increased restrictions and rising anxiety have made things complicated. Let's take a look at this new normal for millionaire dating in Australia.

Millionaire daters are heading online

Millionaire dating apps have long been a great way to meet new people and to kindle an exciting relationship. These apps have provided a platform for wealthy singles who are looking to date people with a similar background and life experience to them. The strict vetting procedures employed by such applications also eliminate the anxieties surrounding potential scams and reduce the risk of connecting with someone who is simply out to take advantage of the wealth or influence of singletons searching for love online. 

There are no specific figures available from the industry. However, the sheer number of options available for wealthy singles and the high volume of sign-ups — some apps have over one million subscribers — show how well today's people are responding to these apps.

Until recently, however, millionaire dating apps existed alongside more traditional ways of getting a relationship going, including meeting people via social clubs or being introduced by friends.

With the coronavirus, dating apps have taken the lead, providing a crucial meeting point for today's millionaire singles. In the digital age, social distancing and isolation don't really have to mean "distant" or "isolated," as millionaire daters still have the platforms needed to make connections with one another.

Physical meetings have greatly decreased

After meeting someone online, the next step is to meet them in person. This is the basis for many modern relationships, but, of course, COVID-19 has changed all of that.

Nowadays, many users of millionaire dating apps would rather not be meeting anyone in person until the pandemic danger eases off. This is a sensible approach, especially considering how many unanswered questions there still are about the virus as to its effects and its spread.

Instead of meeting up in person, daters are re-evaluating their approach to getting to know someone. While in the past a few messages may have been exchanged online before meeting up in a bar or restaurant to get to know each other in person, today's single millionaires are playing a longer game.

Digital contact is on the increase

So, what is replacing these physical meet-ups? Well, millionaire dating apps are working overtime, providing singles with far more than just a digital meeting place.

As well as an increase in general activity across dating apps, there has also been an increase in direct messaging as more and more millionaire singles reach out to each other. But these are not simply speculative messages to those they have matched with or to someone they are interested in getting to know better — these contacts are becoming a key part of the "getting to know each other" process.

We know this because on dating apps that support in-app call functionality, average call times have increased during the pandemic. Physical meet-ups may be off the cards, but romance certainly is not.

Millionaire dating is becoming more dynamic

There are other factors at play here, however. Perhaps the search for romance is not as easy to define as it once was.

Many users of millionaire dating apps say their searches are growing more dynamic, and their motives are becoming less easy to define.

Over half of app users also now say that dating is no longer their top priority. These users are still looking for connections online — but in a slightly different way. Increasing numbers of users are now describing their activity on the platform as simply a way to make friends or even a way to establish business contacts.

Of course, all romances begin with that first contact and begin to flourish after. Who's to say that these friendships — or even these business partnerships — might not grow into something else further down the line?

COVID-19 has caused untold disruption across Australia and the rest of the world, but it appears that the world of online dating is in good health. Do you want to explore the world of online dating for single millionaires? Take a look at, and find the best dating platform for you.