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In-depth Reviews of Millionaire Match - Our Top Pick of Millionaire Dating Website

On this page, we will offer some Questions and Answers(People Also Ask) about this millionaire dating website you may care about, and get to know this site in a faster way.

Q: What is MillionaireMatch, is this millionaire dating website a legitimate dating website?

A: has been active since the year 2001, catering to high-quality single millionaires & attractive people seeking millionaire dating opportunities and a serious, long-term relationship, including male and female millionaires, billionaires, successful men, and attractive women. It has been featured in many credible websites. for example, Voted "Best of the Web" by " highlights the 'millionaires' in its listings" by Wall Street Journal. All members on the website have been manually approved, you will find many more photos verified attractive women or certified millionaires on their site than any other millionaire dating sites. Recently, they have added the "EXTRA PRIVACY" feature, aiming to help protect user's privacy and encourage more rich people to join them. So It would be safe to say that it is a legitimate dating website.

Q: Is MillionaireMatch only for millionaires?

A: No. MillionaireMatch is a millionaire dating site for millionaires and attractive singles, including rich and attractive men and women, CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, supermodels, and Hollywood celebrities. They also allow attractive people of the average standard of living to sign up on their website, so everyone is welcomed here!

You may notice this: Real millionaires on this site will be highlighted in all search results and listings. No sugar daddy or sugar baby relationships are allowed on this site, they would suggest you take a try on SugarDaddyMeet if you are looking for such relationships. And also, they are now only providing their services to the top 32 developed countries by maintaining and improving their premium upscale brand.

Q: How do I get started on Millionaire Match?

A: To keep your account safe and secure, it is asked to verify your phone number by sending a code via SMS to get started before you create your account, after confirming your phone verification, just like on any other dating sites, it is free to sign up with your email address or log in with Facebook(which way is a faster way to get approved), then you need to choose your age, gender, location, height, and ethnicity, fill in your username and password and select your annual income options, which is a must doable step on the registration process, don't worry, you can choose to not disclose your income on your own. After this, you'll be asked to upload the main photo of yourself by choosing a photo or importing from FaceBook due to the strict rule of kicking out scammers on MillionaireMatch, and then you need to fill in a few words about you and your match to complete your registration. Then you can enjoy your searching for your best millionaire match on their site.

You may notice this: Contact info in bio/on the photo will be removed. Asking for financial support or looking for sugar relationships in bio will lead your account to be suspended(sometimes you will never get this account back). Lewd, offensive, nude, copyrighted, and child alone photos will be banned.

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Q: How much does it cost to join MillionaireMatch?

A: It is free to join as a standard member to do a basic search on this site. And to give you a better experience of searching your perfect match, they have provided some premium features to access.

Premium membership plans on this site

You may notice this: When purchasing a gold membership through check card/credit card/PayPal, please be aware that 1-Month membership automatically renews at the monthly rate until canceled. 3 and 6 Months packages do not renew. To cancel auto-renewal, visit the Subscription status page, or contact their Customer Service 1-416-628-1072 / 1-855-599-8811(Toll-Free) or email them at [email protected]

Q: Does MillionaireMatch have an app?

A: Yes, they have offered members their millionaire dating app on both IOS and Android devices, you can download it here.

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Q: What are Certified Millionaires on MillionaireMatch?

A: On MillionaireMatch, a "Certified Millionaire" usually means a real member with a verified profile and financial status. To have a certified millionaire profile, a person must have proof of an annual income of at least $250,000 and a bank statement that shows a balance of at least $1 million, after getting approved, you will get a certification badge to indicate that you are a certified millionaire. So you can find real millionaires, successful men, or even real billionaires here, and even more, all the certified millionaires are getting a high reputation and getting much more chances to be recommended to other photos or income verified members on their site.

Q: What's the Difference Between Standard Member and Premium Member on

A: We have listed the typical privileges of standard members and premium members for your reference.

for MESSAGE & CHAT feature

Privileges for both Standard members and Premium members

Privileges ONLY for Premium members

for DISCOVER feature

Privileges for both Standard members and Premium members

Privileges ONLY for Premium members

for PROFILE & PHOTO feature

Privileges for both Standard members and Premium members

Privileges ONLY for Premium members

for other features

Privileges for both Standard members and Premium members

Privileges ONLY for Premium members

Q: How do I date a millionaire on this site?

A: We have researched on this site and get the most popular advice from their members on dating a millionaire.

1. Most millionaires got to where they are today through hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. It's OK to ask them about how they achieved their success. Most millionaires - indeed, most people - like talking about their accomplishments, their triumphs, and "the secret to their success." Often times, your millionaire will reveal a difficulty they had to overcome on their way to the top - an obstacle they bypassed, a problem they solved - and by sharing the story of their challenge with you, the two of you will instantly be drawn closer together. PLEASE NOTE that I didn't say " ask them about how they achieved their money." Most millionaires do not like to talk about their money, how they got it, and how much of it they have. Asking a millionaire about his success shifts the focus away from the money, and puts in onto the MAN.

2. Millionaires like being taken out/treated every once in a while. Who doesn't? You don't have to do anything big, expensive, or fancy. Plan something simple. Or take your millionaire out for a night on the town. Whatever you decide --the date's on you. Your millionaire will absolutely appreciate it.

3. Millionaires are "tuned into" the details. Maybe you've heard the expression "beauty is in the details." It's not just that millionaires enjoy the finer things in life - it's that they appreciate the details that make the difference. Try noticing/commenting on the little things. And probably best to leave the knock off Louis Vuitton at home.

Q: How do I get a rich man to notice me?

A: To get noticed by a rich man, you should create an impressive profile first, because this is what you look like on this site to others, check the useful advice for your success rate of meeting rich men.

Despite the catchphrase "keep it simple stupid", what works here (since your words are your representative manifesto) is to be detailed (without being redundant), complete (without being overly wordy), funny (without being childish), and emotionally revealing (without being too sappy). Nothing peaks someone's interest (and shows the kind of intention you bring) like a well-thought-out and written description of yourself.

Check your spelling! It is quite annoying to those who have spent years achieving advanced education to confront often simple errors - it shows lack of seriousness, for it should mean enough to you to at least spell check and proofread your own work.

Finally, neither include photos that require magnifying glasses nor only ones where you are completely hidden behind sunglasses, hats, or other folks. This is show business - not hide business! Flaunt your stuff . . .proudly. The ones who are really interested will definitely contact you - and aren't those the people you'd rather connect with anyway?

After creating an attractive profile, you may need to have a search on these millionaires or attractive singles, for example, send a wink to let them know you feel interested in them, or like them in your likers list so that you can find them quickly next time. You may also initiate sending messages to those you show high interest. If you are looking for a certified millionaire, then you may consider upgrading your membership, because this privilege to search certified millionaires is a premium feature on their site. Also, if you are a male millionaire, you may try to get your profile to verify your income to be their certified millionaires, seems their certified millionaires have enjoyed the highest honor on their site.

Please always remember this: Upload more photos of yourself, stay more active on the website, for example, try to comment on their photos, blogs, moments, you can also post interesting things to your moments or blogs. Be honest with others.

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With over 4 million high-quality members on Millionaire Match, this is our top pick for seeking millionaire dating opportunities and a serious, long-term relationship or even marriage. With all the effort you've put into getting where you are in life, we know you deserve to find the right person to share it all with. Whether it's the luxury lifestyle, romance, or even marriage, you may also consider this website to be your millionaire matchmaker service. Being voted as "Best of the Web" on two financial publications and Wall Street Journal, has taken the leading position in the wealthy dating category. Things are heating up by its feature "Verified Millionaires", MillionaireMatch is now allowing certified millionaires to hide their faces on its website and instead use pictures of their luxury assets like supercars, limited-edition bags, etc. as their profile images, which can further safeguard their privacy online.

Besides, MillionaireMatch is not just for women looking for rich men, or millionaire men looking for attractive women, there are plenty of gorgeous, classy ladies looking for "average Joes" too, ie, rich women looking for men, making MillionaireMatch's site nearly irresistible for anyone interested in rich and dating. They also provide their millionaire dating app for members to stay connected on the go and receive notifications immediately when someone likes you or sends you a message. If you are rich/wealthy/successful or beautiful and aspiring a rewarding, life-enriching relationship with a millionaire or attractive partner, get started right now to find and meet your best millionaire match!

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