How to Create a Perfect Profile to Attract Very Rich Men

rich menIf you have gone through the effort of creating a profile on a millionaire dating site, then great! You have taken the first step towards attracting that special rich one into your life, and will probably be making some pretty cool friends along the way.

With that said, your profile needs to be representative of who you are and what you are looking for, so that you 'are' trying to attract those very rich men. But what kinds of things can you do to make sure you have a good profile that will indeed attract single millionaires to your page and spark interest among those that read your profile?

Here are some tips for making a killer profile so that you can enhance your success rate of actually receiving positive contacts from other millionaire singles.

1. You can't write "too much" about yourself. What you specifically write about yourself in your profile is important and should reflect what you are looking for, your interests, and should give these rich men a sense of your personality through what you have written. In spite of the catchphrase "keep it simple stupid", what works here (since your words are your representative manifesto) is to be detailed (without being redundant), complete (without being overly wordy), funny (without being childish), and emotionally revealing (without being too sappy). Nothing piques someone's interest (and shows the kind of intention you bring) like a well-thought-out and written description of yourself.

2. Be consistent. If you write in the text of your profile that you only are looking for a long term relationship, but you select in the drop-down menu "casual dating" only, then rich men will be confused by what you are seeking and/or may think you didn't put much time/consideration into your profile.

3. Update your profile often. This shows that you are active on the site and makes other single rich men aware of your activity; You need not change the entire text of your profile, but if something changes in what you're looking for, by all means, update your profile so that it is reflective of that change. Or, if something exciting and new just happened in your life, you might want to share it (i.e., "Just got back from a week-long vacation to Miami with the friends! Had a blast!) Adding that little extra update from time to time may just spark a conversation between you and someone new. Check your spelling each time when you update your profile. It is quite annoying to those who have spent years achieving advanced education to confront often simple errors - it shows lack of seriousness, for it should mean enough to you to at least spell check and proofread your work.

4. Be positive. This is the most important thing when dating a rich man, especially in the title of your profile. If your profile headline reads something like, "This is my last resort", or, "Losing Hope" may want to first re-evaluate your attitude and readiness towards dating online here, men are looking for someone to have a relationship with not be your psychologist. And then come back and write a more positive, upbeat description of what it is you want. If a guy thinks he can offer you what you are looking for then he will be more willing to initiate contact.

5. Be honest in your profile, writing down lies will only set you up for disappointment from those rich men, and will not help them get a true insight into your personality.

6. Pick your photo wisely. This is a selling point for most girls. Physical attraction is the first test of any prospective relationship, especially for millionaires, they have already met through the most attractive women in their lifetime. Make sure you pick a recent photo which you believe portrays you attractively. Use some captions on your photos. Keep it short, but let other members know where you were, and what you were doing. Do not use old, grainy, or dark photos. Don't use selfie photos, which can make you look desperate. Also, do not post photos with people that look like they may be your significant other. Try to upload as many photo of you having fun as you can, some millionaire dating websites such as Millionaire Match can upload as many as 26 photos, if you think it is not enough, they also have a private album feature which is only visible to members you've given access to, you can also post some of your private photos there to attract single millionaires to hit on you too, after all, photos significantly increase responses!

7. Keep your Moments/Timeline up to date. This lets other millionaire men know that you are actively involved. You can post a romantic quote that you like, thank members for visiting your profile, or say something as simple as having a nice Friday night all on your timeline, which can gain more rich men to email or wink at you.


It's important that you put a little bit of time into creating a perfect profile that is eye-catching to those very rich men, its a great thing that millionaire dating sites have helped you get to know lots of millionaire singles online before you choose one to take things to the next level with.

Wish all of you can find your new friends, lovers, and hopefully perfect millionaire mates on our sites!