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Seeking Millionaire
  • 4 starsMembership base
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Attractive ladies, ‘tired of dating the ordinary’, are primed to date ‘rich, wealthy, successful singles’. Successful men are encouraged to pursue ‘classy, gorgeous singles’. It’s a nice looking site featuring a middle of the road style that’s contemporary but not glamorous.

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As a general rule, a dating site's success comes from having as large a base of members as possible. In theory, the bigger the base for searching members the better for those members. In this sense, site success is purely a numbers game. Another less obvious factor is the activity level of a site's membership. How a site stimulates and encourages members to be involved can make a big difference for sites that don't have the largest member bases. For example, a site that rewards members for posting a photo or multiple photos may 'get more mileage' out of their members. It becomes a case of raising activity (search and satisfaction) levels of those who belong through insightful, creative approaches for engaging the membership.

Effective ways of getting membership active and involved is a critical step in making the site a great one for the members. This is what separates the top tier wealthy dating sites from the next lower level.

The policies employed and access provided to free members and their perception of the site's potential is a key that makes or breaks the site for a newcomer. Certain sites' policies and practices will foster that interest. Those sites flourish. Others will not, and will pay for that by the newcomers' disinterest. Those sites suffer a declining membership. Understanding this framework serves as our backdrop for discussing the weaker players in wealthy dating.

Millionaires home page, which is the main navigation starting point, shows a sampling of members photos. There were six, two of which were digitally distorted. The listed features available to us when we got into them were mechanically sound and worked well. Navigation is sound with good logic and performance. The menus, however, are questionable, particularly in the searches section. Standard (free) searches are segmented into groups (by location, newest members, last login, etc). This approach negates one's ability to combine the factors offered and produces less than desirable results.

Performing a search by location doesn't offer a narrow enough parameter like zip code or city. The results for listings were narrowed only to the state level (Florida, US). The member's listings are designed well with very good photo quality. Orange background colors indicate Premium members. The info provided with the listing was good and helpful. Clicking on the listing brought up a very nicely designed partial profile providing much of what a member would be interested in regarding a prospect. Member photos are included on the left margin. The quality is great. They are large enough to see well and are very clear. There is room for four here. This is an area where Seeking Millionaire shines. What they do well, is done very well. But for obvious problems like some of what follows deserve attention.

The first 30 listings presented us with the following; 13 had photos, 3 of those photos were digitally distorted. We found those distortions cleared when we clicked the listing to get more info. Of the 30 listings, one was from Orlando – where the search originated – (most were from Miami). The first two listings had the most recent logins, within the past two months. The remainder of the 30 hadn't logged in for more than three months, with some up to a year. The age range of the listings went from 22 to 53 (we had no control over this). More than half of the listings had 'profile created' dates that were within a few days of their last login dates. That indicates a lack of activity for those members and it's evident that the site is experiencing problems, keeping members engaged. All in all, these search results were disappointing and didn't pique our interests to pursue the site further.

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