Millionaire Dating Tips to Safeguard You from Dishonest People

How to safeguard you from dishonest peopleIf you've ever been on millionaire dating sites, either as a millionaire or someone looking to date a millionaire, you'll know that you need to be wary. While most sites are likely to be legitimate, there are also opportunities for you or anyone on the site to get conned or fooled by unscrupulous individuals.

Moreover, stories of both men and women being taken advantage of by friends made online, and catfish dating, have made some people hesitant about online dating. So, if you are new to millionaire dating sites in Australia (or wherever you are located) or making friends online, you can check out the following six tips to safeguard yourself from dishonest people:

Check the millionaire dating site

It's usually safer to go on websites that have been around for a couple of years as they are likely to have honest reviews from previous and current users or members. However, it's not to say that all new dating sites are to be treated with suspicion. For your safety, get referrals from those who've had experience using the site, or do your research and check for independent online reviews.

Register using a dedicated email address

As much as possible, create a dedicated email address for millionaire dating online or before signing up for any website where you will only be meeting strangers. Fraudulent websites and individuals can sell or use your email address to send sales emails and get-rich-quick schemes and other types of junk or spammy email. Only family and close friends should know about your personal email. So if you want to chat with new friends made online, it's always safer to make use of the website's private messaging platform.

Observe your friend's communication behavior

Do you always have to text or page first or give a missed call to your new friend every time you want them to call you back? Is your new friend always unreachable and can only text or call you at a specific time? This means that getting their real number is not enough. If they are constantly unreachable and you seem unable to initiate communication from your end, you need to terminate your friendship ASAP. At the very least, you need to know the real identity of the person before continuing with your friendship.

Get their background checked

Although there are a few regional and paid dating sites that require criminal background checks or clearances, not all of them do. So it falls on you to get your friends' backgrounds checked eventually, especially if you are eyeing someone for a serious relationship.

Avoid individuals who are in a hurry

Did you meet someone just a month or two ago, and now they're already broaching marriage? Does your online friend seem impatient and want to finish the getting-to-know-you stage as soon as possible? Have they begun mentioning getting engaged or married just a few months into your friendship? While it may seem harmless and it could simply be a sign of insecurity, it could also indicate your friend wanting to pass on financial responsibilities over to you.

Never share sensitive or personal information with strangers

It doesn't matter if you've been chatting, talking, or texting for months, just don't share personal details with people you meet online. Even if you've met a couple of times in person, there's no reason why anybody who isn't married or related to you has to know confidential information about you. This is especially true for bank, credit card or insurance details, as well as your home phone and work number, and your office address. Conversely, if you meet someone who seems all too willing to share typically confidential information and also asks for yours, run in the opposite direction.

Making valuable connections and friends, as well as finding true love online, is possible. However, you also need to be wary of people seeking out individuals they can victimize. Hopefully, with the above tips, you can safely build connections and make friends without any fear of being taken advantage of.