WhatsYourPrice Review

  • 5 starsMembership base
  • 4 starsQuality of members
  • 3 starsEasy registration
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  • 3 starsPrivacy
  • 3 starsCustomer service

WhatsYourPrice was launched in 2010 by Brandon Wade, the same guy who founded SeekingArrangement.com. It has stood out from the crowd because it not only gives singles a chance to connect with like-minded people but also allows female users an opportunity to earn, which makes dating simple and more rewarding for everyone.

It all works like this, a woman states her price and places a bid on the site, then generous and successful men start the bidding process, who(gives the highest price) wins the bid gets the chance to take the girl on a date. Only the winner needs to pay the amount.

The registration on WhatsYourPrice is the same as other sugar daddy sites, just input your email address and password, then you will get to fill in your display name, location, and interested gender to complete the process. After that, you can choose to upload a clean and attractive picture of yourself, select the body type, height, and other details. You may need to describe yourself in the form and fill in your ideal first date to make your profile look better.

Note: You need to verify your email address before getting full access to the website.


Pros of WhatsYourPrice

Cons of WhatsYourPrice

Final Verdict

It is beyond doubt that WhatsYourPrice is among the best sugar dating websites on the web. They have made your online dating much more efficient and help you enjoy a typically different online dating experience. It is also free for attractive members to use. All photos have approved by their teams to make sure they meet their terms of service, making the site safer and more enjoyable for all users. However, many users on their site have complained that the women there are all fake accounts for the most part. They hook you, then tell you they have moved to another state and need help getting to you. They always ask for honey long before meeting up. And if you give it to them, they disappear offline, never to be seen again. Also, there are tons of changes being made to the site all the time. They have removed certain things that help identify/filter the women you are looking for. Anyway, the site also never refunds any of your credits even if the person is a scammer. So this site is just a revenue booster for SA which also has made major changes and sucks majorly.

All in all, WhatsYourPrice is created for people who hate the typical nonsense of online dating. If you want to save your time and get results with minimum hassle, maybe WhatsYourPrice.com would be a worthwhile way to check it out.

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