Millionaire Dating Tips - Which Kinds Of Women Do Millionaires Like Best

Millionaire Dating SitesThose who wish to date a millionaire and use millionaire dating sites to do so are usually misguided when it comes to knowing which kinds of women millionaires like the best. In many instances, a millionaire who is in search of the right companion has far more sophisticated needs and wants than most realize.

Place yourself in the shoes of a male millionaire for a moment or two. If you were at the top of the dating food chain and could choose any kind of woman that you wanted, why would you ever waste your time with anyone who did not have goals, dreams, aspirations or a drive to improve their life for the better?

Millionaires are usually self-made men and to date a millionaire, a woman needs to have something to offer, a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will. Being attractive will get your foot into the door, but it is your personality and commitment to self-improvement that holds his interest over the long haul.

Millionaires are in search of those who can challenge them and they enjoy spending time with those who do not care about their bankroll. They do not gravitate to women who agree with everything that they say, as no truly successful person ever reaches the pinnacle of their field by surrounding themselves with people who are scared to disagree with them.

A millionaire does not accrue his wealth by refusing to take in the opinions of those who view things through a different prism and thoughtfully consider them. Millionaires like women who are feisty, women who challenge them, women who don't present themselves as a carnival prize to be won by the highest bidder.

When you can have essentially any woman that you desire, the prospect of being with someone who is just going to nod along with you so that you'll keep footing the bill is less than preferable.

The woman who can keep a millionaire's attention is a woman who is willing to be herself, have a life of her own and not become overly reliant on her partner for every little thing. While a millionaire suitor is more than happy to to assist to a girlfriend who is striving towards a certain goal, they are usually more reticent to dole out money for shopping sprees and the like.

Dating as a millionaire is much more difficult than most people realize. Being able to find someone with a personality of their own, someone willing to treat you in the same manner that they do everyone else can be challenging.

That is why millionaires will always gravitate towards women who are ambitious, fun loving, goal oriented and not merely in it to spend money and live the high life. Women who have their thoughts and feelings and are not afraid to express are the exact kinds of women that millionaires like best.